Moss & Lotus Tomte Sew Along 2018 Official Rules

EDIT:  Sew Along Is Over.. Thank you to all the participants! 🌲💕

It’s official tomte lovers!!  Thyme Gnome asked for votes and you delivered!  The 2nd Annual Moss & Lotus Tomte Sew Along is officially under way and I CANNOT WAIT to see what everyone creates this year! 😍😍😍  Last years sew along produced well over 500 (!!!) tomte blocks made by some of the greatest sewists from around the world that were creative, beautiful, magical, and sooo unique and personal.  (Check out all the makes by visiting last years’ hashtag on Instagram: #MossandLotusTomteSAL).  They were inspiring to say the least, but the best part was the excitement and love expressed among everyone that participated and by those that supported their friends from the sidelines.  That’s why I’m so excited to get this years’ sew along started!

Are you ready??!!!


•The 2018 Moss & Lotus Tomte Sew Along runs from Nov 13th – Dec 17th.

•Any Moss & Lotus Tomte patterns can be used for the sew along (see photos at the end of this blog post for which ones and click here to purchase patterns). You do not have to use all of them, one will do (though my customers seem to not be able to stop at just one Tomte.. is that you?!.. 😂😍😍).

•The official hashtag for the sew along is #MossandLotusTomteSAL2018 (in case you forget it’s also in my Instagram profile). What’s great this year is that we can all click a button to follow the hashtag (yay!!) and not miss a single post! I suggest doing that so they all show up in your feed – even those that aren’t participating or aren’t sure when/if they can join in can follow along!

FREE Pattern Sign Up

•I’m doing another FREE pattern again this year (yay!!) for everyone that participates (I think everyone should get a gift!😊).  It is going to be much more simple than last years so you can use it as a filler to get those projects done!!  To receive it you’ll need to sign up on a special email list.  Once you’ve posted at least one block, click here: Moss & Lotus Tomte Sew Along 2018 Sign Up”, and fill in the form.  Be sure to check your emails and click on the Subscription Confirmation Email after submitting the form. Once you’ve confirmed your subscription, you’ll get an email letting you know you are officially on the free pattern list!!  (Signing up for the special email does NOT sign you up for the Moss & Lotus Newsletter – that has a different form and can be filled out by clicking here. (Please Note: I will be confirming that at least one block was posted for each person that signs up on the list, so please do not sign up until AFTER you’ve posted at least one block. Thank you!)

1) Each Moss & Lotus Tomte block you post is a chance to receive the gift* of the week (picked on Tuesday’s for the week before) or the grand present* at the end. (The more Tomte blocks you make and post on Instagram, the more chances you have of receiving a gift!) Each week runs from Sunday at 12am EST to Saturday at midnight EST.  (I won’t be doing handmade gifts this year because it posed a problem with customs fees during delivery for my international sewists.)

2) You must tag my account @MossandLotus in each of your posts, the designer of the day (if there is one) and the sponsor of the week (who will likely be me but possibly someone else) – check my daily Instagram posts for that information!!

3) You must use hashtags #MossandLotusTomteSAL2018 and #MossandLotusTomte so I can see your posts and pick someone for the weekly present and for the grand present at the end!

4) Gift recipients will be chosen at random from those that participate.

Note: You must post on a public Instagram account so I can see your posts!

*Chances of receiving the weekly present and/or grand present depend on the total number of entries each week and for the entirety of the sew along.

Any clarifications, changes, or additional information will be added to this post and mentioned in Instagram posts if necessary.  Moss & Lotus reserves the right to change any of the sew along rules at any time and for any reason.  If you have any questions please direct message me on Instagram or leave a comment on any of my posts and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Several people have asked if I have a bundle kit for ALL of the tomte blocks – I currently don’t.  However, all the boy tomten (Nes, Halvor, and Peder) come as a BUNDLE with the Tomte House and Tree Scene and a free bonus (see last photo of this blog post) – the beloved Tiny Tomte (he has his own hashtag #TinyTomte !!).  The girl tomten (Gunda and Pernille) are sold together.

Are you EXCITED?!?!!  I am!!  Especially because I have some new pattern releases this season that I’ve been been working off and on for over a year.. and one of them fits the tomte blocks in all their perfect horizon scenery glory and.. goes under a tree.. 🙊😍😍😍

So… Get Sewing Tomte My Loves!! 🌲💕

~ Sue

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