SCRUB HAT Pattern for Healthcare Workers Battling COVID-19

My sister, @kidgiddy , told me two weeks ago that a healthcare facility in her area of the United States was in need of washable head covers.  I created this pattern over 15 years ago for a friend who is a healthcare worker and thought I would make it into a PDF and available for free for those that know of other healthcare facilities in need of head covers during the pandemic. IMG_5145

I strongly suggest you check with your local hospitals and healthcare facilities first to see if there is a need for scrub caps before sewing any.  Masks are far more important for them to wear, but if your local area has masks and is in need of head covers – this is a great option and fits most size heads!

Healthcare professionals will know how to wear them to fit to their size head and amount of hair.  {I added the pleats so that it will fit individuals with larger heads, thick or curly hair and/or for buns/ponytails – a bun can fit inside the top or just outside the back flaps. If placed correctly on the stretch of the fabric, the scrub hat will fit snuggly to the shape of the head and the ties and partially open back will ensure each individual can fit it to their size head.  The brim/sides can be flipped up for shorter foreheads or left down for larger heads.}  The top seam is a french seam (it’s easy – don’t worry) to help with durability with washing over time.

Please check back here for updates and/or corrections to this pattern.

Please do not sell items made with this pattern as doing so is copyright infringement.  I’ve made this pattern to try and assist in the protection of our heathcare workers during challenging times and do not wish for anyone to profit from it.  {When this is all over, I’ll consider making the pattern available for sale for those that like to make personal scrub hats for friends or for fun – we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it (hopefully soon!).}

Click HERE to download FREE SCRUB HAT Pattern.

I hope you all are well and healthy.


Snow Globes – Mini Globe Pattern Hack

When I designed this Mini Snow Globe pattern, I had this little pattern hack in mind and couldn’t wait to try it!  I finally did yesterday and was really excited about the results.

I’m not sure what I want to make with it but, Tina, one of my many lovely and creative customers on Instagram, suggested that it would make a fun page in a quiet book for kids!  I couldn’t agree more!  I also thought it was funny she suggested it because my sister, Kid Giddy, just had a customer do a super fun pattern hack on her Ugly Sweater Block involving a zipper!



How adorable?!  When my sister posted the Ugly Sweater Block hack on her Instagram a few weeks ago (I didn’t want to post her customer’s photo without permission, but be sure to go check it out!), I commented, “This would be sooooo cute in a quiet book!!”.  Tina’s comment on my mini snow globe hack created a full circle moment for Kerry and I because we, years ago (more than a decade!), wanted to make quiet books for her girls and other family members.. but never got beyond the drafting of designs.  I had to call her to tell her the irony of Tina’s comment yesterday and mine a few weeks ago.


As a result, Kerry and I talked, had a pow-wow of ideas back and forth, discussed more about the next collaboration we’ve been planning over the last month+ to do together (erm.. that we haven’t announced yet and is coming in early 2019) (!!) and are SO excited to bring you lots of SUPER fun projects this coming year using a combination of our already existing patterns, more fun pattern hacks and brand new patterns!!

Are you excited?!?!  I am SO excited!!  I love when you can use a pattern for more than one thing!  It’s something I always try to consider and implement when designing.  Do you like when you can use a quilt block for more than one project?  I would love to know – tell me in the comments below!


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Ok… now for the Mini Snow Globe hack!!

This pattern hack is really simple.  The hardest part is picking out the glitter or confetti you want to use.  Tough, huh?!  🙂  And of course getting your hands on some clear vinyl (or a color tinted one if you so choose).  I purchased a small roll of it from Joann’s years ago for other projects, but sometimes packaging (for things like baby onesies or sheets) are made out of the same vinyl and are a great way to up-cycle!  (Make sure it’s soft and flexible.)

I have to say, it’s been awhile since I’ve sewn with clear vinyl and the last time I did was on my old sewing machine – I put a little baby powder on the vinyl so it wouldn’t get caught on my sewing machine or presser foot.  Since I didn’t want baby powder inside the snow globe (and because I don’t have a teflon presser foot, or maybe I do and I just don’t know it) I remembered my creative and vinyl-guru, Natalie of @SewHungryHippie, (she sews vinyl like a boss and she’s got great tutorials on her website and snazzy kits in her Etsy shop), who suggests using Scotch tape on the bottom of your presser foot when sewing with vinyl.  Oh hello, Helpful Natalie, thank you for your brilliance. 😍


~ Snow Globes Pattern (FREE right now if you are a participant of my 2018 Tomte Sew Along, but available in my Etsy shop once the sew along is over – after Dec 17th, 2018)

~ One 4.5″ x 5.5″ piece clear vinyl (or any color, just as long as it’s see through)

~ Most fancy, fun or daring glitter/confetti you can get your hands on

~ Scotch tape or a teflon presser foot

~ Utility knife or not nice sewing scissors


Prep your sewing machine with a teflon presser foot or put a small piece of scotch tape on the underside of your regular presser foot (make sure not to cover the space where the needle will stitch through).IMG_9567


Step 1: Sew section A of the mini snow globe but only pieces A1 through A3.

Step 2: Place your piece of vinyl on the right side of fabric (it should extend beyond each edge of the section).  Tape upper corners of paper to vinyl on the back side so that it doesn’t slide around on you (see photo at right).


Step 3: Finish sewing section A as normal (I would suggest not using nice sewing scissors or cutting blades to trim your 1/4″ seam allowance during this part since you’ll be cutting through the vinyl).  I went nice and easy with this step and lifted the section a little off my sewing machine while sewing so it wouldn’t get caught.IMG_9568

Step 4: Assemble remaining sections together as indicated in Snow Globes pattern instructions, but before sewing Section C/A/D to E, you’ll want to add your most favorite glitter/confetti.  To do this, I took a small piece of scrap paper, rolled it into a cone shape and taped the side so it didn’t pop open.  Then, I tucked the small end of the cone into the top of the Mini Snow Globe (between the fabric and the vinyl) and sprinkled the pink confetti into it (see photo on left).

If you need to press your block afterwards, do so on the fabric only – only around the globe shape of the vinyl on the front (DO NOT iron on the back since some of the vinyl will be in the seam allowance and will likely melt).  Iron on a low temperature setting, no steam.  Don’t let that iron ruin all your snow globe magic!

That’s it!  You’re done!

The Mini Snow Globe comes with a Large Snow Globe in my new pattern – Snow Globes.  The Large Snow Globe comes with 4 interchangeable bases to create that perfect snow globe in your finished project.  The Mini Snow Globe finishes at a 6″x6″ block and the Large finishes at 12″x12″.  The pattern is given FREE to participants of the Sew Along this year (must provide email to receive) and will be available for purchase in my Etsy Shop after the sew along is over.  If you would like more information about the 2018 Moss & Lotus Tomte Sew Along, visit my blog post about it here.  There’s just more than a week left of the sew along and you can still join in!

So.. who’s making a SNOW GLOBE??  I would love to know and feel free to share your makes on Instagram and/or in the comments below (be sure to use the hashtag #MossandLotusSnowGlobes)!

~ Sue




The Making of Nes: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

The first time Nes Tomte made it to paper was sometime in August of 2016 after I had been fleshing out some more of my gnomes, their personalities and stories. But I’m not sure that’s when he really began.

I’ve always had a thing for fairies and gnomes. Little things.. peculiar things.. and stories. (I love a good story.) I’ve also been fascinated with the world that exists between reality and imagination. I also have always loved Christmas. (I blame my mother – who filled the house with very unique German Christmas decorations each December. I loved each and every ornament, decoration, and tradition that she brought back after living there for a few years.)

Each tomte character (and there are so many more waiting to be shown) begins with me, is influenced by the world around me (and my hopes and dreams sometimes and favorite memories) but takes on a life of its own. Getting it right is important to me. (See all the eraser lines for that lantern?!?!). The first idea was for him to be printed (tiny size – winter scene) on fabric to become needle minders, and larger size with some colors filled in, to become embroidery hoop patterns. The rush to figure out who to print the fabric became a stress and I felt I needed more time to decide (still haven’t printed them on fabric and it’s been 2 fast and busy years).

I also knew I wanted him to become a paper piecing pattern. So I began fleshing out the FPP lines on Nes without the lantern or tree. I showed my sister @kidgiddy (my biggest pusher to be a FPP pattern designer) and she loved it. She didn’t just love it though.. she kind of (a lot) stopped everything she was working on to help me get the design into an FPP pattern and a PDF. (It is very time consuming work from start to finish.. I think the easiest part is coming up with the idea and drawing it. The rest takes forever!!).

I can’t just stop at simple though, I guess. And I can’t stop myself from telling a story. And hearing their personalities. And wanting to share it with you. So, he of course, had to have friends… and a place to live.. and.. you get the point.

What I never saw coming.. was doing a sew along that would gather incredibly talented sewists from all over the world who bring life to the patterns in their own unique way. Who pick fabrics that create new personality. Who tell their own stories. Who, I think, also connect to the wonder of the imagination and know the importance of creating.

Nes. He’s always felt like the leader of the bunch for me. A guardian. A protector.

I kinda love the guy. Do you?

You can read more about him by visiting my hashtag on Instagram #MossandLotusTomteStories and clicking on posts of Nes.

~ Sue

Moss & Lotus Tomte Sew Along 2018 Official Rules

EDIT:  Sew Along Is Over.. Thank you to all the participants! 🌲💕

It’s official tomte lovers!!  Thyme Gnome asked for votes and you delivered!  The 2nd Annual Moss & Lotus Tomte Sew Along is officially under way and I CANNOT WAIT to see what everyone creates this year! 😍😍😍  Last years sew along produced well over 500 (!!!) tomte blocks made by some of the greatest sewists from around the world that were creative, beautiful, magical, and sooo unique and personal.  (Check out all the makes by visiting last years’ hashtag on Instagram: #MossandLotusTomteSAL).  They were inspiring to say the least, but the best part was the excitement and love expressed among everyone that participated and by those that supported their friends from the sidelines.  That’s why I’m so excited to get this years’ sew along started!

Are you ready??!!!


•The 2018 Moss & Lotus Tomte Sew Along runs from Nov 13th – Dec 17th.

•Any Moss & Lotus Tomte patterns can be used for the sew along (see photos at the end of this blog post for which ones and click here to purchase patterns). You do not have to use all of them, one will do (though my customers seem to not be able to stop at just one Tomte.. is that you?!.. 😂😍😍).

•The official hashtag for the sew along is #MossandLotusTomteSAL2018 (in case you forget it’s also in my Instagram profile). What’s great this year is that we can all click a button to follow the hashtag (yay!!) and not miss a single post! I suggest doing that so they all show up in your feed – even those that aren’t participating or aren’t sure when/if they can join in can follow along!

FREE Pattern Sign Up

•I’m doing another FREE pattern again this year (yay!!) for everyone that participates (I think everyone should get a gift!😊).  It is going to be much more simple than last years so you can use it as a filler to get those projects done!!  To receive it you’ll need to sign up on a special email list.  Once you’ve posted at least one block, click here: Moss & Lotus Tomte Sew Along 2018 Sign Up”, and fill in the form.  Be sure to check your emails and click on the Subscription Confirmation Email after submitting the form. Once you’ve confirmed your subscription, you’ll get an email letting you know you are officially on the free pattern list!!  (Signing up for the special email does NOT sign you up for the Moss & Lotus Newsletter – that has a different form and can be filled out by clicking here. (Please Note: I will be confirming that at least one block was posted for each person that signs up on the list, so please do not sign up until AFTER you’ve posted at least one block. Thank you!)

1) Each Moss & Lotus Tomte block you post is a chance to receive the gift* of the week (picked on Tuesday’s for the week before) or the grand present* at the end. (The more Tomte blocks you make and post on Instagram, the more chances you have of receiving a gift!) Each week runs from Sunday at 12am EST to Saturday at midnight EST.  (I won’t be doing handmade gifts this year because it posed a problem with customs fees during delivery for my international sewists.)

2) You must tag my account @MossandLotus in each of your posts, the designer of the day (if there is one) and the sponsor of the week (who will likely be me but possibly someone else) – check my daily Instagram posts for that information!!

3) You must use hashtags #MossandLotusTomteSAL2018 and #MossandLotusTomte so I can see your posts and pick someone for the weekly present and for the grand present at the end!

4) Gift recipients will be chosen at random from those that participate.

Note: You must post on a public Instagram account so I can see your posts!

*Chances of receiving the weekly present and/or grand present depend on the total number of entries each week and for the entirety of the sew along.

Any clarifications, changes, or additional information will be added to this post and mentioned in Instagram posts if necessary.  Moss & Lotus reserves the right to change any of the sew along rules at any time and for any reason.  If you have any questions please direct message me on Instagram or leave a comment on any of my posts and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Several people have asked if I have a bundle kit for ALL of the tomte blocks – I currently don’t.  However, all the boy tomten (Nes, Halvor, and Peder) come as a BUNDLE with the Tomte House and Tree Scene and a free bonus (see last photo of this blog post) – the beloved Tiny Tomte (he has his own hashtag #TinyTomte !!).  The girl tomten (Gunda and Pernille) are sold together.

Are you EXCITED?!?!!  I am!!  Especially because I have some new pattern releases this season that I’ve been been working off and on for over a year.. and one of them fits the tomte blocks in all their perfect horizon scenery glory and.. goes under a tree.. 🙊😍😍😍

So… Get Sewing Tomte My Loves!! 🌲💕

~ Sue

Fabric Where I Want It (FPP Tip)

When I first started paper piecing there were times where I frequently finished a section and realized I put one of the fabric pieces in the wrong spot. No matter how much I told myself when sitting down to start, that I knew which pieces were for what, I still managed to get a piece wrong (which is pretty frustrating if you’re limited on time!). 

I thought it would be helpful to share what I love to do to get my fabrics in the right place every time (including directional fabrics!) when doing foundation paper piecing. It’s pretty simple, and I know I’m not the first to think of it, but if you do it every time.. there’s a lot less mistakes (and frustration) plus it yields really happy results.  I made up the little pattern piece in the photo below (which is why it looks nothing like a Tomte or anything else 😂) as an example. 

How to get fabric where you want it when paper piecing:

•First.. lay out all your pattern piece sections, making sure to arrange them the way your finished block will look.  

•Using a photo of the finished block as your guide (or the Color Key included in all my patterns) and colored pencils or markers that coordinate with your fabric colors – mark a little line in each piece to match the fabric placement (i.e. turquoise marking on D2 for a turquoise fabric piece). 

•If you have two different fabrics that are the same color, you can also draw a symbol to distinguish the different fabrics (i.e. red heart marking on D1 for red fabric with hearts). 

•For directional fabrics, draw an arrow in the direction that’s most important to match your fabric placement (i.e. words and scenery get an arrow pointed up, triangles that point down get an arrow pointing down, etc.). Pieces that are plain white I’ll sometimes write a “w”‘on it so I don’t forget. 

That’s it!  Give it a try and I can almost guarantee your thread ripper will start missing you. ☺️

Are you new to foundational paper piecing or want practice with smaller pieces?  See my free pattern Little Pumpkins to try it out!  

Do you face any other challenges or problems with paper piecing that you want help with?  Let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to address it in a future blog post!  

Let’s Stay Stitched Together

There are so many of you who have expressed so much excitement for my patterns and who have enthusiastically supported my work ever since I released my first pattern, the Baby Onesie.  Thank you a million times…for purchasing my designs, for being a loyal repeat customer (you know who you are☺️), for writing incredibly kind reviews in my Etsy shop and for taking time out of your day to comment and like my Instagram posts – you are the best customers anyone could ask for and I appreciate each one of you!

Unfortunately, I have no control over whether or not you will see my posts on Instagram (it’s been challenging since they instituted the ever unpopular algorithm) or if my special announcements and online happenings will fail to reach you.

There are so many fun and amazing things that will be happening here at Moss & Lotus over the next month and starting in the new year.  I don’t want any one of you to miss out, so, I’ve created a way for us to stay in touch (take that algorithm! – hehe) by setting up a way to get emails from me.

I promise I’m not here to share your email addresses to the world (you have my word).  Nor am I here to spam you – (who has time for that anyway?!).  I just want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun things I have planned as well as special offers.  Email subscribers will be notified of new pattern sneak peeks, plus, they will receive exclusive free patterns not available anywhere else 😍, as well as being notified of upcoming events.

Sew…let’s stay stitched together!

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Two Little Pumpkins (FREE FPP Pattern)

I made these two little quirky pumpkins for you as my way of saying thank you, in digital form, for all your support.  Fall is a great time to reflect on the abundance we have in our lives, despite the chaos that may surround us.  Pumpkins, apples, baking, and making always seem to remind me of that.  I’m so grateful for each and every one of you who have shown your support (without knowing much about me) through comments and likes, sharing my patterns with others and purchasing my patterns.  It enables me to continue to pursue a creative life, which is desperately important to me.  So thank you.  I hope you enjoy making and creating.. you all are a great source of inspiration.  (Scroll down past the photo, click on “MossandLotusLittlePumpkins” to download the PDF.)

Happy Fall,






💕So glad you made it here to join me. 💕

SCRUB HAT FREE PATTERN – For Health Care Workers

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